How nice that you are using our product!

How annoying to hear that you have no video and/or sound.

We have investigated this and it is probably due to the quality of the reception/signal. 

The well-known FM signal can also have a poor range and then you hear it interfering with the transmitter, This works with DAB+ just differently.

If the signal of DAB+ is just not good enough then you will not receive any sound at all. Unfortunately, this works the same with the TV signal.

If you receive this signal just not good enough, the TV cannot play the channel.

You can test the TV in other locations to. It is important that the receiver is close to the window to get the best reception.

You can improve your range by setting the Antenna power to on. 

The bottom of the antenna has a small magnet, you can attach a metal object to it (e.g. a spoon) to strengthen the signal even more.

Also try testing the TV in a completely different environment (Village down the road e.g.).

If the range/signal is good enough, the TV will play the channels with sound. 

You can try testing if the sound works by playing a video/music using the USB function.

I hope this information has helped. If you still have further questions, you can send a ticket via our support page for further help and information.