If the picture on SD TV channels on LED-2463BK Android TV looks washed out, it could be due to the low resolution and lower picture quality of SD content compared to HD content. SD stands for Standard Definition and offers a lower resolution than HD (High Definition). Lenco LED-2463BK is HD Ready (1366 x 768 px).


However, there are some steps you can try to improve the picture quality of SD content on your Android TV:


    Check the screen settings: Go to your Android TV's picture settings and make sure the sharpness or sharpness settings are set appropriately. Sometimes adjusting these settings can make the picture appear clearer. You may also be able to try out the picture modes and see which one works best for SD content.


    Check the signal quality: Make sure that the antenna signal you are using to receive the SD channels is of good quality. A weak or disturbed signal can result in a degraded picture quality. Check the signal strength and quality in the settings of your TV.


SD content will always look less sharp and detailed than HD content because it has a lower resolution. However, the above steps can help optimise the picture quality and make the picture look a little clearer for SD channels.