Unfortunately, you cannot change the internal battery of a Lenco DVP, MES or TDV yourself. The battery is in this case an internal part that you cannot easily change from the outside.

The party you can turn to for changing the battery depends on whether you still have a warranty.

In case you still have a warranty:
Is the battery broken or is it no longer functioning properly and do you still have a guarantee? Then it is best to return to the store where you purchased the product. They can then look for a suitable solution together with you.

In case you no longer have a guarantee:
If the battery is broken or you think it no longer functions properly and you have no guarantee, you can contact our repair partner Comserve. You go through the following steps:

Mail to lenco@comservegroup.com (state clearly which product is involved);

You receive a quote from Comserve (without obligation);

If you wish, you can send your Lenco product to Comserve for repair.