Q: How can I automatically update the date and time on the SCD-6000?

A: The date and time can be automatically updated via a connection. When you switch from battery to mains power or vice versa and turn on the CD player, it will search for a connection and set the time and date.

Q: Where can I find the automatic time settings?

A: Go to the time settings. There you should see the option for automatic updates. In this setting, you will see options like FM, DAB, Internet Radio, or Off.

Q: Which option should I choose for automatic time updates?

A: If your CD player has a WLAN connection, we recommend choosing the "Internet" option. If this is not the case, choose the DAB option.

Q: What should I do if the automatic update does not work?

A: Try checking the CD player's connection and ensure it is correctly set up for the chosen option (WLAN or DAB).