DAB+ radio reception is different from FM radio reception.

  • In FM, you can often still receive a weak station, but probably with a rustling or crackling sound.
  • DAB + reception works digitally and if there is not enough signal you hear nothing. No hiss or crackle as with FM. This is not due to the radio, but to the fact that there is not enough DAB+ signal at that location.
  • DAB + rule is: no or weak reception = no sound.


What can you do if you do not have direct DAB+ reception.

  • Always point the antenna straight up vertically first.
  • Do not place the radio too close to potential sources of interference such as, battery chargers, rotating machinery, computers, large metal surfaces, etc.
  • Move the radio a few meters.
  • Turn on the radio and activate a full scan in the DAB+ menu
  •  In the display of the radio you will see the progress of the scan and the number of stations found in the current position of the radio.



  • With DAB+ reception, there can be a very big difference in reception level between one location and "a few meters away". In case of a local weak DAB+ signal, move the radio to find a stronger signal.
  • If you take the radio to another location, perform a full scan again. This will show you which DAB+ stations can be received there.