The following buttons are available on the PA-360:

- STANDBY 360 LIGHT short press: lights side and back on and off;

- STANDBY 360 LIGHT press and hold: activate standby mode on the PA-360;

- Source Short press: change modes (Bluetooth, FM, Line and USB);

- X.Bass Short press: switch bass function on or off;

- Press briefly on the menu: select the setting to be changed N (microphone volume), E (microphone echo), B (bass) and T (treble). When the appropriate letter is shown, press + and/or - to change the setting;

- DISCOBALL FIRE LIGHT short press: change between LED setting (LED1-LED4, OFF) for front LED light;

- Press and hold DISCOBALL FIRE LIGHT: Switch disc ball on top of unit on/off;

>>| short press: change to the next track;

|<< Press briefly to skip to the previous track;

FM auto-scan Short press: enter the FM auto-scan function;

FM auto-scan Long press: (de)activate the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) setting.