1. Open the box and remove all parts.

2. Put the tray on the turntable and mount the belt. The belt

The belt should be placed at the bottom of the tray.

3. Install the cartridge by placing it on the arm. Turn the

Tighten the anti-skating regulator screw until the cartridge is

in place.

4. Fit and adjust the counterweight.

- Screw the counterweight onto the arm.

- Remove the arm from the lock.

- Remove the protection sleeve from the needle. Make sure not to touch the needle and that the

needle is not touching anything.

- Lift the arm up from the armrest and lower the armrest.

- Move the counterweight gently a little to the left or right until the arm is balanced and floats in a horizontal direction.

the arm is balanced and floats in a horizontal direction.

- Return the arm to the armrest and lock the armrest so that the arm cannot move during installation.

during installation.

- Move the black plastic part of the counterweight towards 0.

with the line of the arm. Be careful not to move the metal part.

- Turn the metal part to the left to increase the pressure on the needle. Lenco recommends

a needle pressure of 3.

5. Set anti-skating. Lenco recommends to set the anti-skating to approximately half of the needle pressure.

the needle pressure, try different settings for best results.

6. Fit the hinges and mount the dust cover.

7. Connect the power cable to the wall socket.

We are currently working on making this visual too, by making videos.

For an example of setting up your turntable, click on the following link: