If you have a Lenco Xemio you can connect it to your computer or laptop without first installing any software. Your computer recognizes the Xemio immediately and displays a Windows pop-up with various '' automatic play '' options.
This is also not a problem with the use of macOS.

If your computer does not recognize the Xemio automatically, there is a good chance that you are using the wrong connecting cable. We recommend using the originally supplied USB cable. This is because it is suitable for charging and for transferring information. Many USB cables are only meant for charging. In case you want to put music or other files on your Xemio, it will not work with an incorrect cable.

If your computer does not recognize the Lenco Xemio, the problem is usually in cable. At Lenco we are regularly asked for new drivers for Windows, but these are standard in the Xemio and you cannot change or replace them.