If the reception of a DAB + radio is not optimal, no noise will be generated (as is the case with FM radios), with a DAB + radio the sound will immediately disappear completely. This can be compared with TV reception. If the reception with digital TV is not optimal, the picture disappears completely, whereas in the past analogue TV was partly or completely snowy.

With a DAB + radio it is important to position the antenna completely vertically because DAB + uses vertical polarization.

In case your radio has a telescopic antenna, it is best to position it straight up for optimum reception. If your radio has a wire antenna (wired) you can position it straight up or straight down. Upwards can sometimes be difficult because the wire is not always strong enough to hold itself up. In that case, down is the best option, this makes no further difference in the quality of reception. It is important to position the antenna vertically.

It is therefore also possible that weak stations are received with an FM radio but not with a DAB + radio. This does not mean that there is something wrong with your DAB radio.